Gervonta Davis grumbles about the Judge from prison

Gervonta Davis shares his frustration and explains why the Judge sent him to prison.

by Aryan Lakhani
Gervonta Davis grumbles about the Judge from prison

Gervonta Davis is currently in jail because of breaking house detention rules, and he recently explained why he is behind the bars right now. Tank was given the opportunity to remain under house arrest for 90 days; he claims that the Judge sent him to jail because of purchasing a property.

The Judge declared a 90 day sentence because of a hit-and-run case that took place in 2020; during the incident, four people were heavily injured, and since then, the case has been ongoing. The Judge went against Gervonta Davis and declared the decision to send him to prison because he adamantly refused to stay in his coach’s one bedroom hall apartment and planned to stay in a penthouse worth $3.4 million dollars.

Gervonta Davis speaks about the Judge from jail

Gervonta Davis will have to spend the rest of the summer in jail, and he is totally frustrated by the Judge’s decision to send him to jail. He recently spoke about this in a phone call conversation that went live on his Instagram account.

“This judge is crazy bro,” Davis said, as quoted by “She locked me up because, basically, I bought a property. I get everything in my power to listen to my lawyers for home detention. I listened to everybody, to the team”.

He further explains why he is in jail: “She’s mad that I bought a property, that’s why I’m sitting in jail. “She said she wanted me to be in my apartment, a one-bedroom apartment, and I couldn’t even take that.

She wanted me to stay in a one-bedroom. I couldn’t even have my kids come visit me. “I just wanted to spread light on this situation because I feel like she’s taking advantage of me. The things that she’s doing now is not right”.

He recently revealed that he wanted to fight Naoya Inoue; maybe after his sentence is served and when Tank is free from the legal issues we can expect him to return and fight more actively.

Gervonta Davis