Adrien Broner looks forward to fighting Regis Prograis

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Adrien Broner looks forward to fighting Regis Prograis
Adrien Broner looks forward to fighting Regis Prograis

Adrien Broner is set to fight against Bill Hutchinson this Friday; this is Broner's comeback fight after staying inactive for nearly 2 years; he last fought in 2021 against Jovanie Santiago and secured a victory, and before that, he fought against the legend Manny Pacquiao.

Bill Hutchinson is behind in terms of experience and has a professional record of 20-2 (9 knockouts), and it is worth knowing that he is currently on a 10 match winning streak. Adrien Broner is ambitious about the future and is clear about who he wants to fight next if he is successful in beating Hutchinson.

Broner has a professional record of 34-4-1, and it will be very interesting to see how greatly his stats change after Friday.

Adrien Broner on fighting Regis Prograis

Recently in an interview with Fight Hub Tv, Adrien Broner revealed his plans for the future, he wants to snatch the WBC light welterweight belt from Regis Prograis, and we will soon find out if his upcoming performance is convincing enough to grab Regis Prograis's attention.

"I'm just focused on Bill Hutchinson right now," Broner said, as quoted by "But let everyone know, be on notice because I'm coming to get all the belts," He reveals he wants to fight Regis Prograis: "Hell, yeah, Regis [Prograis] already know.

If he's still got that belt [WBC light welterweight], I'm coming to take it. Nah, if anyone knows about Don [King], we're about making money". He further said: "We're going to make it happen. We're going to go get Regis. But we're going to take care of this business [against Hutchinson], and then we're going to go get Regis for sure.

Of course, I always tip my hat to Regis. Every time he fights, I hope he wins. "I don't hate on Regis. I always shout him out. I'm happy for what he's done. He just won another world title again. I'm proud of him too, but his name is on my list. There are a lot of people, but Regis' name is definitely on there".