Tyson Fury to receive a “Take It or Leave it offer” to fight Oleksandr Usyk

Oleksandr Usyk promoter confirms that Fury will soon receive an offer to fight Tyson Fury.

by Aryan Lakhani
Tyson Fury to receive a “Take It or Leave it offer” to fight Oleksandr Usyk

A heavyweight clash between Tyson Fury and Oleksandr Usyk is being aimed for December in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Previously, Fury and Usyk quarrelled for quite too long and failed to reach a mutually supporting conclusion.

Fans worldwide were keenly waiting to see these two heavyweights fight; hopefully, by the end of the year, fans will get to see the fight they have been requesting for. Oleksandr Usyks promoter Alex Krassyuk confirms that the offer will be presented to Tyson Fury soon.

So the whole idea behind take it or leave it clearly indicates that even the slightest hesitation or an attempt to negotiate from Fury’s side can lead to a second cancellation.

Uysk’s promoter on the offer

Recently in an interview with IFL TV, Oleksandr Uysk’s promoter Alex Krassyuk revealed that an offer is soon going to be sent to Tyson Fury, and it’s going to be a take-it-or-leave-it offer.

Even the slightest sign of greed will lead to the match not happening. Hopefully, the offer presented is reasonable and fulfils both fighters’ requirements. “According to my knowledge,” Krassyuk said, as quoted by boxingnews24.com.

“They will receive a formal written offer very soon, and it will be their decision or Tyson’s decision whether to take it or leave it because we’ve done everything possible to make this fight happen and now the ball is on Tyson’s side”.

He further said: “If you take it, then you have a big fight, the biggest fight of your career. If you hesitate or if you try to trade out something or trying to swing around, it shows that you’re not serious and you have to relinquish the belt and retire, not for one month or for one week as you used to retire shortly recently but probably forever”.

Tyson Fury is ready to fight anyone; he made that quite clear through his Instagram stories by calling out multiple names; the whole world wants to see him fight against Oleksandr Usyk, so fans should cross their fingers and hope for the deal to get signed.

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