Bob Arum reveals 3 potential opponents for Devin Haney

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Bob Arum reveals 3 potential opponents for Devin Haney
Bob Arum reveals 3 potential opponents for Devin Haney

The undefeated Devin Haney recently secured a controversial win against Vasyl Lomachenko; the boxing world has raised many questions regarding the outcome of the event, which is why a rematch needs to happen. The founder of Top Rank, Bob Arum, recently spoke about Devin Haney’s future options and has short-listed three opponents for his next match.

After his previous victory, Devin Haney has updated his professional record to 30-0 (15 Knockouts). He seems to be ready to fight again, and it will be interesting to see if he likes the opponents presented by Bob Arum.

Bob Arum on Devin Haney’s opponents

Recently in an interview with 3 Knockdown Rule, Bob Arum, the promoter and founder of Top Rank, shares important details about Devin Haney’s next fight.

He reveals that he is going to have a discussion with him next when they all gather around for Teofimo Lopez vs Josh Taylor. “Well, I haven’t talked to Bill about it,” Bob Arum said, as quoted by

“He’s doing what a manager should do, and he’s a father, but he’s a manager also, and that’s to look for the best opportunity for Devin, and I’ve come up with three in my imagination”.

Bob Arum reveals the three potential opponents: “One is the winner of Taylor and Teofimo at 140 if he wants to go up weight. Secondly, there is a fight with Shakur [Stevenson]. That would be massive because everybody would want to see that fight, and the third is the rematch”.

He further said: “So hopefully, if Bill [Haney] comes to New York for the Teofimo fight, I’ll sit with him. He’s a very intelligent guy, and we’ll discuss all the options that we have at Top Rank, and then he has to weigh it against what any other promoter would offer to determine what he wants to do next, but we’ve enjoyed promoting Devin”. Devin Haney has some interesting options lined up for him, and fans will soon find out who he ends up fighting next.