Sunny Edwards vs Andres Campos: the intense flyweight clash

Sunny Edwards vs Andres Campos: the intense flyweight clas

by Aryan Lakhani
Sunny Edwards vs Andres Campos: the intense flyweight clash

The undefeated Sunny Edwards is set to defend his IBF flyweight belt against Andres Campos this Saturday night on 10th June. The match is going to take place at the OVO arena in Wembley. Both fighters are undefeated, and that’s what makes this match so interesting.

One will fall, and one will rise; whoever wants it more will eventually get it. Andres Campos already fought once in 2023; it was against Carlo Ruben Dario Ruiz. Campos dominantly won the match and was successful in scoring in a knockout.

He has a professional record of 15-0 (4 Knockouts). On the flip side, Sunny Edwards last fought in the ending phase of 2022 it was against a well-experienced fighter Felix Alvarado who fought nearly twice as more compared to Edwards.

Alvarado had a professional record of 38-1, yet Sunny Edwards secured a victory via unanimous decision and became the 2nd fighter to beat him.

Edwards & Campos talk about the fight

Andres Campos believes that Sunny Edwards is yet to face an opponent like him; however, Edwards resume is filled with experienced fighters who have barely tasted defeat.

It will be interesting to see if he can prove everyone wrong and snatch Edwards IBF flyweight belt. “Sunny Edwards has never fought against anyone like me,” Campos said, as quoted by “I am by far the best opponent that he will have faced.

I have a lot of experience fighting against and defeating undefeated guys from both the amateurs and the pros. I am starving for success. I am so hungry to win this World Title and make history for Chile”. Sunny Edwards believes he is the only worthy holder of the IBF flyweight title: “It’s not just that I want all the belts, I don’t want anyone else to have them,”Edwards said.

“It sickens me, it pains me that there’s three other people at my weight that walk around saying the same s**t that I say”.