Josh Taylor looks forward to securing one more victory

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Josh Taylor looks forward to securing one more victory
Josh Taylor looks forward to securing one more victory

The much awaited clash between Josh Taylor and Teofimo Lopez is right around the corner; a lot of heated words have been exchanged between the two; there's seems to be some serious animosity. Josh Taylor holds a proud badge of being an undefeated fighter; he has never failed to shock the world; in no time, we will all find out if Lopez can give Taylor the taste of defeat for the first time.

This is a make-or-break event, the WBO super lightweight title is on the line, and it will be very interesting to see who ends up winning this Saturday. As far as the betting odds are concerned, Josh Taylor is the betting favorite, and Teofimo Lopez is the underdog.

Josh Taylor's thoughts Teofimo Lopez

In the recent press conference, both boxers seemed to have genuine hatred for each other as the face off was very intense and a lot was said. Taylor is confident of winning, predicts to finish the match quickly and looks forward to putting on a great show Saturday night.

"There is genuine dislike here," Taylor said, as quoted by "He's been disrespectful, so a lot of words he's said I'm going to make him pay for on Saturday". You'll see a Josh Taylor win, possibly by KO nice and early as well.

"For me this is a dream come true. Starting out as a professional or even as a young kid you always dream of coming over Stateside and fighting in venues like this. This is the mecca of boxing Madison Square Garden. "Fighting in a place like this, topping the bill and bringing over the Tartan Army.

I can't wait to get in there and make another dream become a reality. Taylor further said: "It's all about your preparation and this time I've prepared diligently to the best of my ability and you'll see the best of me on Saturday night".