Tommy Fury reacts to Jake Paul’s rematch claims

Tommy Fury talks about having the rematch with Jake Paul

by Aryan Lakhani
Tommy Fury reacts to Jake Paul’s rematch claims

The Problem Child Jake Paul has never failed to entertain his fans and the boxing world; apart from just being a boxer, he is also an entertainer; his PPV salability is quite unmatchable; his events have achieved the substantial success that other boxers can only dream of having, such is the power of a strong social media presence.

After challenging himself against legendary MMA fighters in the boxing ring, Jake Paul finally ended up fighting a ‘professional boxer’ Tommy Fury. It was unquestionably a poor performance from Jake Paul’s side; he is capable of performing much better.

However, Fury wasn’t exactly dominant either. There were talks of finishing the match in the form of a knockout, but neither could walk their talk.

Tommy Fury on the rematch

Jake Paul recently gave an update on the rematch by tweeting that he looks forward to fighting Tommy in February 2024.

Since it wasn’t a strongly convincing win for Tommy Fury, the world deserves to see a rematch. Interestingly, instead of seeking vengeance, Jake Paul has decided to fight one more MMA legend, Nate Diaz. Perhaps it’s an attempt to regain some momentum before he ends up fighting Tommy Fury for the rematch.

“Nope. Not once [has he been in contact.],” Fury said, as quoted by “I think I saw a tweet the other day that he wants to run it back in a year’s time, but as far as I’m concerned we were meant to be running it back a few months later.

He was in the middle of the ring saying ‘I’m here for the rematch, that’ll be my next fight.’ Obviously he’s gone away, watched it, and thought ‘maybe I’m not that good yet.’ So he’s silent”.

KSI has also shown great interest in fighting Tommy Fury next, and Fury seems to be ready for it. The potential match still seems to be in the negotiation stage, and if things go well, we could soon have a fight announcement.

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