Michael Bisping believes Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz is a “very smart matchup”

Michael Bisping shares his thoughts on Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz.

by Aryan Lakhani
Michael Bisping believes Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz is a “very smart matchup”

Nate Diaz’s boxing debut has been adversely questioned by many; Michael Bisping, like the majority, believes that Nate Diaz’s chances of securing a win are pretty slim. In less than two months, we will have answers to many unanswered questions, and it will be fascinating to see if Nate Diaz can prove the boxing and MMA world wrong by shocking them with his striking skills.

Jake Paul vs Nate Diaz is scheduled to take place on 5th August; the 8-round match has officially been upgraded to a 10-round match. Jake Paul wants to face Tommy Fury in February 2024 after facing Diaz; as for now, the whole world is eagerly waiting to see if Diaz can do the undone – which is to be the first MMA fighter to beat Jake Paul.

Michael Bisping on Paul vs Diaz

The former UFC fighter Michael Bisping recently on his YouTube channel spoke about the upcoming battle between Jake Paul and Nate Diaz and explained why it’s a smart move for Paul to face Diaz next.

“Jake’s the bigger, more explosive guy, and that’s why he’s picked this fight, you know what I mean?” Bisping said, as quoted by mmajunkie.usatoday.com. “And I hope I eat my words. Of course I do.

But it’s a very, very smart matchup. It’s a very smart pick”. Bisping further said: “In a mixed martial arts cage, in a UFC octagon, on the street, whatever, he’s not someone you want to trifle with,” Bisping said.

“But you take away a lot of his skills and just rely on boxing only – he’s got good power. He wobbled Leon Edwards in that fifth round, he wobbled Conor McGregor in the second round, that’s how he got that win.

“I’m not ripping on Nate Diaz. But you never look and go, ‘He’s got blinding, lightening-fast hands.’ He could take a shot, he keeps going forward, he’s tough as nails”.

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