Anthony Joshua shares his thoughts on Canelo and his next fight

Anthony Joshua talks about Jermall Charlo vs Canelo.

by Aryan Lakhani
Anthony Joshua shares his thoughts on Canelo and his next fight

Canelo Alvarez received a lot of criticism for not being able to win against John Ryder convincingly – naysayers believe he should simply call it quits and retire; however, Anthony Joshua thinks about Canelo quite differently and praises him for fighting frequently.

If Canelo is successful in claiming a victory against Jermall Charlo, he should then fight against David Benavidez, as fans have been asking for that match since a very long time; most of the criticism was also received because of Canelo’s indecision to fight Benavidez.

Canelo is expected to face Jermall Charlo next on 30th September, and interestingly most people believe Jermall Charlo will be successful in beating Canelo. In less than a few months, we will find out how detrimental inactivtity can be in the sport of boxing.

Anthony Joshua’s thoughts on Canelo

During a recent press conference, Anthony Joshua spoke about Canelo’s form as a boxer and his chances of winning against Jermall Charlo. “Credit to Canelo; he’s active,” Canelo said, as quoted by

“They’re trying to say Canelo’s not who he once was. People have just got something to say about everyone and everything. Canelo’s a serious fighter, one of the best”. “So with Canelo, people talk negative about him.

He’s with PBC. It’s clear that he wants to fight Charlo, Benavidez, and the other Charlo [Jermall]. I think it’s quite good. I rate Canelo”. Joshua predicts Canelo vs Charlo: “With Charlo, they’re confident that he’ll beat Canelo, and the reason is speed & strength, the only thing is that with Charlo, he’s been out of the ring for a long time.

Two years, three years? Yeah, Canelo is active, he’s busy, but I rate Canelo. “They say he’s finished. You’re only finished when you’re done”. Only time can tell how accurate Anthony Joshua’s predictions will turn out to be, it could be a competitive knock, but Canelo’s chances of winning are definitely higher.

Anthony Joshua