Aneson Gib is ready to fight against Jarvis Khattar for the semi-final

Aneson Gib is set to appear for the semi-finals against Jarvis this Saturday night.

by Aryan Lakhani
Aneson Gib is ready to fight against Jarvis Khattar for the semi-final

The Kingpyn tournament will continue as DAZN has now stepped in; after beating Austin McBroom for the second time, Aneson Gib successfully booked his spot in the semi-final and will be fighting against Jarvis this Saturday night.

After losing against Jake Paul, Aneson Gib has never looked back and has proved himself as a threat back-to-back. If Gib secures a win on 15th July, he will move to the finals; KSI previously mentioned fighting the winner of the Kingpyn tournament in August.

Perhaps if KSI's ongoing negotiations with Tommy Fury fail to conclude fruitfully, we can expect him to fight the winner of the Kingpyn tournament. However, fans and boxing experts are tired of seeing KSI competing against 'easy' opponents and are expecting him to get tested by a tough fighter next.

Aneson Gib on the semi finals

Aneson Gib seems to be ready for the challenge ahead, and it will be interesting to see who ends up winning. "The Kingpyn tournament is on my mind, the semi-final awaits me but some of my peers doubted I would make it this far," Gib said, as quoted by

"When the top guys in the scene are threatened they will attempt to discredit, but they should never have doubted big Gibber. I'm here to prove to all the doubters that this year is about collecting chins and cashing cheques.

Gib further said:" Austin McBroom is eliminated and we move on to the semi-finals to face Jarvis, but the doubt continues... He is not the first scammer that I have beaten up but I have to give props where props are due, Jarvis has announced that he will make his wrongs right and that he's giving away his purse to charity".

A few more victories can assure Aneson Gib a rematch with Jake Paul; Gib has doubtlessly evolved as a fighter and is much more skillful than ever before.