Jake Paul is thankful for his first-ever career defeat


Jake Paul is thankful for his first-ever career defeat
Jake Paul is thankful for his first-ever career defeat

Jake Paul seemed to be on a never-ending winning streak, but Tommy Fury put a full stop to it. Jake Paul had nothing much but the following to say in reaction to his loss: "Don't judge me by my wins; judge me by my losses".

Paul may have lost the match in boxing, but financially he is still undefeated and far from losing, as he reportedly made around $30 million dollars from his fight against Tommy Fury. It only gets better as Jake Paul will be fighting against the MMA start Nate Diaz who is far more well-known when compared to Tommy Fury, and according to Jake Paul, the presales for his match against Nate Diaz have already done fantastically in terms of numbers.

Jake Paul on his first defeat

Jake Paul now has a professional record of 6-1 (4 knockouts); in spite of facing a tough loss against Tommy Fury, Paul chose to focus on the positives and explained how the loss helped him.

"That was the whole problem, is me winning, putting all these people on the canvas. Knockout of the Year all this money and ****," Paul said, as quoted by marca.com. "And so you get comfortable, and there were so many lessons in the loss that - and so many things that I needed to change - that now I've done that and learned from to make me a better man and a better fighter.And so I thank Tommy Fury for beating me." Paul on the PPV sales: "So I think it can exceed expectations.

I would be happy with 400,000 or 500,000. But I'm also coming off of selling 830,000 with Tommy. "So it could be even bigger. Nate Diaz is a bigger star than Tommy Fury. He has more experience in this game. Has sold millions of PPVs throughout his career. So it could shock us all."

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