Nate Diaz goes the distance but gets outplayed by Jake Paul's tremendous striking

Jake Paul fails to fulfil his promise of knocking out Nate Diaz but claims a dominating unanimous decision victory.

by Aryan Lakhani
Nate Diaz goes the distance but gets outplayed by Jake Paul's tremendous striking

The recent battle between Nate Diaz and Jake Paul proved a point that Diaz was unnecessarily underestimated – Jake Paul's explosive strikes did adversely affect Diaz during the course of 10 rounds; however, there were a few rounds where Diaz dominated.

Paul won the match via unanimous decision, but Diaz's efforts are applaud-worthy. The opening round had everyone in the arena believing that Nate Diaz was going to get knocked out, but Diaz is undeniably a very tough fighter, and in spite of digesting the nasty blows, he stood still.

Round 5 electrified the entire arena, as Paul was successful in dropping Nate Diaz to the canvas. Here's exactly what that looked like:

Jake Paul's thoughts on the win

In the post-fight press conference, Jake Paul explained why he wasn't able to knock out Nate Diaz as he promised; Paul is pleased with his victory and looks forward to fighting Nate Diaz for a rematch in MMA and is ready to offer Diaz 10 Million dollars.

"My motor was running hot and I was punching him hard and hard and hard, and he wasn't going down," Paul said, as quoted by "He was standing there. So I didn't want to burn out and let him catch a win and come back with something.

"So I was being patient, being smart, and was looking for the kill. But at the end of the day, he withstood a bunch of big, big, big punches." "I don't know how he survived the first round, but he's a dog and I walked the dog, for sure [he felt my power], I could see it the whole fight.

In the first round, I seen his eyes light up and he was like, 'OK, they talk about this kid's power, but when you feel it, it's different.' "We were talking to each other the whole fight, he was saying words that I can't repeat, but I was like, 'Where's all that talk now? Gotcha!

Shut up!' It was fun.

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