Tom Aspinall believes Francis Ngannou is more challenging than Anthony Joshua

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Tom Aspinall believes Francis Ngannou is more challenging than Anthony Joshua
Tom Aspinall believes Francis Ngannou is more challenging than Anthony Joshua

The UFC heavyweight fighter Tom Aspinall uncommonly believes that Francis Ngannou is more of a threat than Anthony Joshua. Ngannou is the heavy underdog for the upcoming match against Tyson Fury that is scheduled to take place on the 28th of October.

It’s a 10 round battle; Ngannou has been inactive for more than a year and has utilized most of the time learning boxing and sharpening his skills as a fighter. Both fighters throw heavy punches, and who knows, one ‘powerful’ shot is all it could take for Ngannou to shock the world and beat the unbeaten Tyson Fury.

Tom Aspinall’s thoughts on AJ and Francis Ngannou

Recently on the ‘Believe You Me' podcast, Tom Aspinall shared his honest opinion on Francis Ngannou and explained why Ngannou would be more of a challenging opponent when compared to Anthony Joshua.

“Well, if you want an inside breakdown from sparring, see, someone like Tyson who’s been boxing all their life, or any boxer who’s been boxing most of their life, a lot of boxers fight very similar,” Aspinall said, as quoted by

“They go double jab, right hand. They go one-two, left hook, stuff like that. It’s not too dissimilar, especially you come through the amateur circuit and you go the Olympic route and all that kind of stuff. A lot of these guys have very, very similar styles”.

“When you throw somebody in like a Deontay Wilder, like Francis Ngannou, who’s throwing looping shots and uppercuts and doing all kinds of unorthodox stuff, the boxers aren’t as used to it as they would like – for example, if Tyson Fury boxed Anthony Joshua, it would be the easiest fight ever for him, easiest fight ever, because he’s so basic".

Aspinall further said: “It’s going to be much harder for a traditional boxer to fight someone more unorthodox. So, I can see Francis bringing a few more problems than somebody like an Anthony Joshua would to Tyson Fury”.

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