Roy Jones Jr is training Jermall Charlo: “he's a monster and hard to beat”

Roy Jones Jr shares his thoughts on training Jermall Charlo.

by Aryan Lakhani
Roy Jones Jr is training Jermall Charlo: “he's a monster and hard to beat”
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The long-lost Jermall Charlo has been inactive for more than 2 years; he last fought against Juan Macias Montiel and faced a unanimous decision win. The good news is that Jermall Charlo has been training hard and is ready to make a return.

He recently addressed that he is looking forward to making a return before the year ends. In spite of the inactivity, Charlo still has the WBC middleweight belt under his possession. Charlo is currently being trained and mentored by Roy Jones Jr; it will be interesting to see when Charlo announces a comeback fight.

Jones is investing his efforts to resurrect Jermall Charlo from the inactivity and looks forward to preparing him for the challenges ahead.

Roy Jones Jr on Jermall Charlo

Roy Jones Jr recently revealed that he is training Jermall Charlo and preparing him for future events.

“I'm working with Jermall Charlo right now, and the hardest thing is to teach him and buy into the different things that you're teaching,” Jones Jr said as quoted by “Because when someone's used to winning a certain way, they want to stick with that way, but it's going really well.

I think his mind got a little side tracked and he got off the right path for a minute. My goal is to get him back on the right path because when he's on the right path, he's a monster and hard to beat”.

Jermall Charlo on his training sessions

Jermall Charlo seems to be satisfied with Jones’ training and looks forward to making a comeback.

“He's done a lot of difference in the way I think and the way I'm carrying things. It's step by step, day by day. Roy Jones is mentoring me every step of the way. I'm enjoying it, I'm loving it. I'm feeling stronger feeling back to where I need to be, in a clear head space”.