Chael Sonnen reacts to Francis Ngannou’s controversial loss: “heartbreaking”

Chael Sonnen reacts to the result of Tyson Fury vs Francis Ngannou.

by Aryan Lakhani
Chael Sonnen reacts to Francis Ngannou’s controversial loss: “heartbreaking”
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Francis Ngnnaou’s recent loss against Tyson Fury has disappointed many fans and experts worldwide, like Chael Sonnen, who is having a difficult time comprehending the judges’ final decision. Almost no one was convinced that Tyson Fury won; you can watch the match highlights below and judge the results yourself.

Sonnen believes Francis Ngannou deserves proper recognition for his efforts. Ngannou caused an upset; unfortunately, the decision went against him, but he is the winner in all his fans' hearts. It is not over; since the decision left many in doubt, it would be fair to assume that the rematch will take place at some point in the future.

Chael Sonnen on Francis Ngannou’s loss

In a recent YouTube video, Chael Sonnen shared his honest review of Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury. “Boxing is not a real sport,” Sonnen said, as quoted by

“That hurts me. That hurts me to say, but there’s no way to deny that. A man’s body of work deserves to be recognized, and it deserves to be recognized accurately, that is disgusting, what they just did to him.

Anybody would’ve been wise to predict that that was going to happen. There was no chance that boxing was going to allow him to come in and get that win if it went to a decision.This is a heartbreaking thing for me, not because of whatever weirdness I’ve got going on with Francis.

Sonnen further said: It’s a heartbreaking thing for me because my entire life, I have respected boxing, and to find out that boxing is fake, I don’t mean the decision was corrupted, you cannot be a real sport.

You cannot be by any means be a real sport. This is the second time I’ve seen the best in the world in boxing – the absolute best, in their prime, in boxing – get beaten up by a guy with zero experience”.

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