Francis Ngannou won’t appeal to overturn decision, wants a rematch with Tyson Fury

Francis Ngannou wants a rematch with Tyson Fury before returns to the world of MMA.

by Aryan Lakhani
Francis Ngannou won’t appeal to overturn decision, wants a rematch with Tyson Fury
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Francis Ngannou recently faced a controversial loss against heavyweight champion Tyson Fury. Ngannou was aware of losing in a situation where the match would go till the last round – which is why he believes it’s pointless to appeal to the boxing association.Ngannou said that the only way to win against Fury is to end the match before the last round.

And that is exactly what he’s seeking; Ngannou wants an immediate rematch with Tyson Fury so that he leaves no doubt and attempts a knockout win. Ngannou wants Fury to cancel his upcoming match with Usyk and entertain the rematch instead.

It will be fascinating to see what the matchmakers finalize with. As far as next year is concerned, Ngannou will fulfil his agreement with the PFL and fight a few MMA matches. Fans will most likely see Ngannou in the cage somewhere between February and March.

Francis Ngannou on filing an appeal

In a recent interview with TMZ, Francis Ngannou shared his thoughts on filing a professional appeal to overturn the controversial loss against Tyson Fury. “Who am I gonna appeal to? [The British Boxing Commission]?” Ngannou said as quoted by “I have no chance.

I think that’s just another way of humiliation. The rematch is what I want next the most, As for right now I feel like there is a lot of options for me, but I want to choose wisely, and I would go for the rematch first”.

Ngannou on what he wants next: My best scenario in boxing is to wait for Fury, If Usyk can step out and let me fight Fury, I’ll fight Fury, then I’ll let them do whatever they do. I’ll go back, maybe do some MMA fight and come back with some people in boxing. I’m planning to fight potentially twice next year, [starting] maybe February or March”.

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