Jake Paul looks forward to beating Canelo

Jake Paul shares his plans on fighting Canelo and explained why he hasn't done extensive promotion for his fight against Andre August.

by Aryan Lakhani
Jake Paul looks forward to beating Canelo
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Jake Paul has ambitiously mentioned fighting Canelo many times; he seems to be pretty serious about obtaining this goal. Paul wants to become a proper world champion, and to reach that stage; he is focusing more on building his boxing career by fighting professional boxers.

This Friday, Jake Paul will face Andre August; he is confident of securing a win. The haze will be clear in less than a few days. Most people are wondering why the promotion has been so ‘off’ for this event. Paul justified it by saying that this match was to build his experience, not to earn money.

A win for Andre August may not mean much, but a win for Jake Paul can be huge as it can allow him to demand fights against top boxers.

Jake Paul on fighting Canelo

In a recent podcast, Jake Paul explained how he looks forward to fighting Canelo.

“Yeah this is just my road to world champion and I've said it since day one that I'm gonna be a world champion and fight in the biggest fights in the world and everyone's gonna see that," Paul said as quoted by marca.com.

"And I'm gonna beat Canelo and all of these things, and now it's just me putting that into action, gaining the experience and it not being about the business side or the entertainment side."

Jake Paul on promoting his fight with Andre August

Jake Paul explained why didn’t extensively promote his fight against Andre August.

"They're not gonna care, I don't know why they want me to keep promoting this fight," Paul said as quoted by marca.com. "I don't care, this is literally just so I can get experience.

Like I'm wearing the same outfit as my last fight, I'm just showing up and knocking this guy the out. We don't need to promote this”.

Jake Paul