Tommy Fury hates KSI, wants Logan Paul next: "He doesn't want a death wish"

Tommy Fury wants to fight Logan Paul next, he is ready to do it anywhere.

by Aryan Lakhani
Tommy Fury hates KSI, wants Logan Paul next: "He doesn't want a death wish"
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Tommy Fury could labelled as the king of YouTube boxing as he dethroned both the undefeated fighters out of the way (KSI and Jake Paul). It was difficult for many to digest that Tommy Fury won against KSI, but after weeks and weeks of analysis and legal work, the Professional Boxing Association did not overturn the original decision after KSI made an appeal.

Tommy Fury is not done with YouTube boxing; he is pleased with whatever he has accomplished thus far and has his eyes on Logan Paul!

Tommy Fury on KSI

“KSI, he is in the dustbin.

I hate him. Ksi is in the bin. How are you enjoying that loss, KSI? Rejected Appeal. He's the only man I have ever known in boxing history to appeal a loss. You lost fair and square, mate. Deal with it. Get back on YouTube and do your thing, and pay me the 250 grand as well you cheapskate.I am the best in that scene, but I don't even want to be in that scene.

No, I am not done with definitely not; it's very nice, actually. It's lucrative, mate, but in terms of all the crap that comes with it, you know I am not about that. You have seen me on the build-up of these fights; I am not interested".

Tommy Fury on fighting Logan Paul

"Logan Paul, listen, if he wants some, he can get some. I will give him another loss. He's lost every fight he's ever had.I will fight Logan Paul today on that lovely view of that park there, straight there by the waterfall.

I don't even think about men like Logan Paul. I am the type of guy to go down and fight Logan Paul after twenty pints of beer. He is not a fighter. Logan will never fight me because he doesn't want a death wish; putting him in front of me, I will tell you now, is a death wish".

Tommy Fury Logan Paul