Erick Nicksick reveals how he felt after receiving the highest pay of his career

Erick Nicksick secured the highest payday of his career from Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury.

by Aryan Lakhani
Erick Nicksick reveals how he felt after receiving the highest pay of his career
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Coach Erick Nicksick had a very emotional moment after he received the biggest payday of his coaching career for training Francis Ngannou; he has nothing but immense respect for Ngannou because Ngannou never failed to take care of him.

Erick Nicksick has been training Francis Ngannou for many years; however, Ngannou’s recent boxing debut made him fortunes like never before, and Ngannou did not hesitate at all in sharing it proportionately with his teammates –in fact, he exceeded their expectations!

Erick Nicksick on the payment received by Francis Ngannou

In a recent interview with MMA Junkie, Erick Nicksick expressively revealed what it felt like to receive the biggest payday of his career from Francis Ngannou.

“It was the most money I’ve ever been paid by a fighter – it was unbelievable,” Nicksick said, as quoted by “It was more than I expected. Obviously, Francis has always taken great care of me, but it floored me.

When I saw my Wells Fargo account that morning, it literally brought me to tears. That’s a true story. Literally brought me to tears because he changed my life – not only from a professional standpoint, but a monetary standpoint.

It allowed me a lot of financial freedom to allow me to be able to enjoy my coaching, enjoy being a dad and a husband and I get to take my kids to Park City this weekend, my daughter’s 16th birthday. Helped us buy a new car.

There’s a lot of things with Francis moving over to boxing, and the way he takes care of his team. He loves every single one of us and he shows it. He takes care of us, and I couldn’t thank him enough”.

Erick Nicksick on getting paid more than ever before

“I was behind Dewey and I got paid way more than I did in the Gane and Stipe fights and he was taking care of me on that, as well, percentage-wise. If he wants to box, man, I’m all for it. All day long, brother".

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