Francis Ngannou will continue boxing even if he loses against Anthony Joshua

Francis Ngannou shares his thoughts on his professional boxing career.

by Aryan Lakhani
Francis Ngannou will continue boxing even if he loses against Anthony Joshua
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Francis Ngannou did not enter the world of boxing with the intention of competing just once. Ngannou was always passionate about the sport, and he looks forward to competing in many more matches. A loss against Anthony Joshua this saturday night won’t stop Ngannou from participating in more matches, as he loves the sport beyond any measure.

Francis Ngannou will continue competing in MMA matches too; he has signed a contract with the PFL and can be expected to make his debut this year.

Francis Ngannou on boxing

During a recent interview, Francis Ngannou shared his thoughts on boxing and explained why he will continue fighting.

Ngannou also spoke about mastering the fundamentals of boxing. “I will definitely still do some MMA fights, but I’m not leaving boxing,” Ngannou said, as quoted by “Remember, at the beginning, it was boxing.

I wasn’t aware of MMA. And for more than a decade, it was all about boxing, dreaming about boxing. And then even when the opportunity came around [in MMA], it was, for me, an opportunity to shine, to be a world champion, and then potentially switch to do the crossover and go back to boxing, because I feel like it was something that I needed, I had to fulfill in order to be at peace with myself.

In order to retire peacefully, I needed to do that boxing because I just love it. I can’t tell you why, but I love it and I enjoy it”.

Francis Ngannou on the basics of boxing

“I’m not a fool. I know that I’m not at the same technique level as those guys, I’m not saying you’re calling me a fool, I’m just pointing it out — I know the situation.

All of them, they’ve been doing this sport for over 20 years at a high-level, full-time, and I’m just getting in, although I was passionate about it my entire life. But I know that I’m not going out there to show something extravagant that I know, that I’ve been practicing. Stick on the fundamentals”.

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