Francis Ngannou does not regret anything about the Anthony Joshua fight

Francis Ngannou reflects on losing against Anthony Joshua.

by Aryan Lakhani
Francis Ngannou does not regret anything about the Anthony Joshua fight
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Francis Ngannou’s recent performance against Anthony Joshua did not match up to anyone’s expectations. After displaying great skill and will against Tyson Fury, fans and boxing experts were hoping to see Francis Ngannou perform a little better.

Anthony Joshua had been in control since the very first round, and a few knockdowns in no time led to an explosive knockout win. Francis Ngannou claimed to have felt restless and sleepy before the fight. He is not pleased about the fact that he fell short in many areas, yet at the same time, he has no regrets.

Francis Ngannou reflects on training camp for the Anthony Joshua fight

Recently, on The MMA Hour, Francis Ngannou explained why he did not regret anything about the Anthony Joshua fight. “This is one thing that also helped me to be OK with it: as far as a training camp, I had my best training camp,” Ngannou said, as quoted by

“I was in my best condition. The best. Even if we had to start this again, I really don’t see a thing that I should have done different. We did a good training camp in Riyadh and everything was good, except that fight day where things were very odd”.

Francis Ngannou explains why he has no regrets

“I do not have any regrets, now that I lost the fight, we can say anything that I’ve done wrong. We worked on everything, and everything was OK. This was all my [choice].

Even in southpaw, my defense is more sharp than orthodox. In the southpaw, to take a hit from the right back hand, this is something that in sparring never happened, and I’ve been there so many times practicing. So I really have no regrets, because that was our training and we improved everything.

I really have no regrets. We worked toward that, we made that decision, and we stand by it. ... With the same southpaw, I think we basically won the fight against Tyson”.

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