UK’s May promises new debate this week, as a hard-Brexit bites

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UK’s May promises new debate this week, as a hard-Brexit bites

After UK PM Theresa May had been sent to Brussels to renegotiate a Brexit Amendment following a landslide loss of original Brexit agreement signed between May and EU Commission in the UK House of Commons by 230 votes, the EU had also refused the Brexit Amendment, which mostly surrounds a part of the deal that includes Northern Irish Border.

However, instead of opening that chapter of the deal, the EU would like to persuade the UK PM to compromise with her main opposition, labor party, which would possibly result in another disaster and the probability of a hard-Brexit would become more prominent.

Amid this set of souring surrounding the Brexit deal, the UK PM will pledge the next week to give her parliament member another chance to voice their opinions on Brexit on the 27th of February, which would likely to result in another catastrophe for Theresa May.

Besides, a loss in next Brexit vote would likely to point out another “vote of no confidence” for UK PM, and this time, she may not evade the consequences of being inflexible regarding her Brexit deal. In the meantime, large businesses including financial organizations have been bracing for a hard Brexit, and moving their assets in to other eurozone countries in order to remain operational, while the world’s fifth largest economy has been reigning an inch shy of a no-deal Brexit.