Google abuses Android over forced app promotions, claims India’s watchdog

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Google abuses Android over forced app promotions, claims India’s watchdog

India’s antitrust commission has been on the lookout over an allegation against Google, accusing the search engine giant of abusing its popular Android mobile operating system in order to block its rivals, at least four Govt.

sources with direct knowledge regarding the issue revealed on Tuesday, the 12th of February. Three of the four government sources said that the Competition Commission of India had been reviewing a case against Google similar to one that led to a fine of $5 billion by European Commission’s antitrust regulators last year.

Never the less, the EU commission had found the search engine giant guilty of abusing its market dominance since 2011 over multiple practices, such as forcing the manufacturers to install Google Search, alongside, its Chrome browser and Google Play app store.

One of the sources aware of the outcome of CCI investigation had been quoted saying that the case was in line with that of EU commission, however, it was at a preliminary stage. While being asked for comments, Google declined to respond immediately, while the Competition Commission of India declined to respond as well.

However, following growing criticism over Google’s abuse of market dominance, in last October, Google had announced that they would be charging a fee from the smartphone makers for using their popular Google Play App, which would also allow them to comply with EU antitrust regulations.

Citing a complicated complexion of the accusation, which would likely to initiate a formal investigation, one of the CCI spokesmen said, “The CCI will have a tough time not initiating a formal investigation into Google given the EU case unless they can show the problem has been addressed (by remedies). ”