Ford recalls 1.48 million F150 pickups in North America

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Ford recalls 1.48 million F150 pickups in North America

On Wednesday, the 13th of February, 2019, the Ford Motor Co. issued a statement, saying that they were going to recall about 1.48 million F-150 pick ups in North America due to a potential fault related to transmission downshift, which could have increased the risk of crashes.

In the statement, Ford had said that their selective F-150 pickups, 2011-2013 models, with six-speed automatic transmission could have experienced an unintentional downshift into first gear without any warning, resulting in the loss of vehicle control.

In fact, Ford is aware of five such incidents, which might have occurred due to the potential transmission downshift issue. The recall of F-150 pickups in North America would cover 1.26 million trucks in the US and 2,21,000 trucks in Canada.

Following the completion of recalling process, the dealers will update the powertrain control software, and Ford will notify their customers next month, added the US carmaker. Ford had been facing similar kind of mess-ups regarding their F-150 pickups, since in March 2016, the US carmaker had recalled about 1,53,000, 2011-2012 model, F-150 pickups, Ford Expeditions and Lincoln Navigators for a similar transmission downshift problem, although, a Ford spokesman, Monique Brentley says that the root cause has been different in the recent round of recalls.