Nissan recommends outside director to chair board following Ghosn-scandal

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Nissan recommends outside director to chair board following Ghosn-scandal

As an attempt to decentralize power at the top level, a Nissan Motor Governance committee would be recommending an external director as board chairman, a role which would be well-distinguished from the company chairman, a Nikkei Business daily report revealed on Sunday, the 17th of February.

Under Nissan’s present form of internal corporate structure, the head of company automatically becomes the board chair, which left little rooms for other executives to supervise or analyze the power of company director.

Nissan’s former chairman Carlos Ghosn had filled both of the roles for over two decades before getting arrested and ousted in last November over the accusations of financial misconducts, which included under-stating of personal earning for eight years and embezzlement of company fund for personal use.

According to the Nikkei report, Nissan’s Chairmanship had become utterly important after its former boss Carlos Ghosn had taken the best out of Nissan’s concentrated power at the top of the board. While Nissan seeks to make sure the same mistakes could not appear twice, speculation has been swirling about the chairmanship of Japanese auto maker.

However, according to the Sunday’s (February 17th) Nikkei report, newly appointed Renault chairman, Jean-Dominique Senard would likely to be appointed as the Chair of Japanese automaker.