Apple’s 'Project Titan' turns out to be electric van, says Manager Magazin

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Apple’s 'Project Titan' turns out to be electric van, says Manager Magazin

A German Magazine reported on Thursday, the 21st of February, that the long-anticipated vehicle developed by Apple Inc. would turn out to be an electric van instead a car, largely squeezing the balloons of optimisms surrounding Apple’s new vehicle.

Since Apple had been working on developing a vehicle depending on their own technology, speculations remained high from the beginning of unveiling of the news, yet, the news revealed on a German Newspaper on Thursday, the 21st of February, again had shown lack of imagination from the Apple administrations in the post Steve Jobs era, as Apple’s electric van would nothing but a mimic of other electric vehicles.

Nonetheless, the Manager Magazin, had reported that the prototypes were painted in silver and black and the production had been leaning onto its critical manufacturing phase, citing sources who wished to remain anonymous.

Besides, without adding further details, the report revealed that the engineers from Apple’s Cupertino, California-headquarters, had been working on the on the interiors at this moment. While Apple had been hankering on producing their first vehicle, speculations reached skies, however, analysts had already started to question even considering the brand reputation whether Apple’s electric van could proffer itself a slice of breathing space amid giant rivals in the global electric vehicle industry.

Apple declined to make any comment while being asked about the subject matter.