Chinese Xiaomi unveils $680 5G smartphone, sees growth in Africa

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Chinese Xiaomi unveils $680 5G smartphone, sees growth in Africa

Chinese Smartphone maker Xiaomi had launched its new handout to a new wave of the smartphone era, which would be able to take advantages of a faster 5G mobile networks for both businesses and consumers, at a much lower price than its rivals such as Samsung.

Xiaomi, the fourth largest smartphone maker of the world, had unleashed their new 5G handset on Sunday (the 24th of February), the price of which would be starting from $680 (599 euros), when it would be hitting the market at May.

The eye-catching price of Xiaomi would eventually prod a wheeze of heavy air at the mobile industry’s largest global event in Barcelona, Spain, scheduled to be kicking off tomorrow (February 25th), as market leaders such as Samsung had announced a folding 5G last week at a price of $1,980, while Huawei tagged their foldable 5G-enabled device at a ceiling-breaking price of $2,600.

Addressing to the announcement of a highly aggressive price tag, Xiaomi Senior Vice President, Xiang Wang said to the press ahead of Mobile World Congress, “We announced a very, very aggressive price. We want to drive 5G to normal consumers, so more and more people can afford to buy it.

Xiaomi initially targeted the Asian market, in particular India, where it had surpassed Samsung as No. 1 smartphone seller last year and the Xiaomi officials had also cited a notable progress in Africa.