Former UN ambassador Haley to join Boeing board

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Former UN ambassador Haley to join Boeing board

On Tuesday, the 26th of February, the world’s largest aerospace company, Boeing Co. had made an announcement saying that it had nominated a former US ambassador to United Nations alongside, a close ally of US President Donald Trump, Nikki Harley, 47, to join its board of directors.

According to the announcement of the US aerospace manufacturer, Nikki Haley might be joining the Boeing Co’s board of directors at the company’s annual shareholders meeting scheduled to be held on April 29th, if elected by the stakeholders.

Given Boeing’s close tie-up with US governments, the current CEO of Boeing, Dannis Muilenburg had also served as a US export Council and present US Defense Secretary, Pat Shanahan, had been a former senior executive of Boeing Co.

In a press release, praising Haley’s record in government and industry partnership, Boeing Co. CEO said, “Boeing will benefit greatly from her broad perspectives and combined diplomatic, government and business experience to help achieve our aspiration to be the best in aerospace and a global industrial champion”.

Haley’s nomination comes as Boeing Co. has been grappling with intense pressure of declining aircraft cost and orders, since the United States had been locked in an overwhelming tariff war with its largest exporter Beijing, jeopardizing the Boeing Co.

operations in Asia. Apart from that, Boeing had also been stuck with a stack of major decisions including launch of an all-new jetliner named as NMA, a mid-sized plane planned to serve a niche market, falling between wide-body and narrow-body aircrafts.

Nevertheless, Nikki Haley, of Indian origin, had been the first female governor of South Carolina, alongside a three-term legislator in the South Carolina House of Representatives.