Ghosn’s lawyer optimistic on bail, set to recruit new defense strategy

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Ghosn’s lawyer optimistic on bail, set to recruit new defense strategy

On Monday, the 4th of March, the newly appointed lawyer of former Nissan boss and Nissan-Mitsubishi-Alliance Chair, Carlos Ghosn, said that he was optimistic over the bail of the detained executive and added that the executive could win a bail by pledging to surveillance.

Besides, Ghosn’s lawyer had also said that he would be pursuing a fresh set of strategies to defend against the allegations of financial misconduct. In a press briefing, Junichiro Hironaka, 73, a high-profile lawyer known as “the Razor” in the legal department for his successes in high-rated cases, told to press that his three-person legal team appointed on February would not be following the same blunt strategies Ghosn’s previous lawyers had been following, resulting in a failure of securing a bail of the executive despite any concrete evidence against him.

In a more optimistic voice than Ghosn’s former lead lawyers, Hironaka said, “I believe it’s possible he could be released in the near future”. Addressing the cultural and language barrier with his client, Hironaka added, “We haven’t known each other for long but I hope to build up a relationship of trust”.

Besides, without revealing further details of his legal strategy, Hironaka, widely known as “the Razor”, said to the press, “I am now 73 years old, but I want to test how sharp my razor still is”.