GM to end production at Ohio plant on March 6th

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GM to end production at Ohio plant on March 6th

On Monday, the 4th of March, 2019, the General Motor Co. said that they had been expecting to halt production of their Chevrolet Cruze at the assembly plant of Lordstown, Ohio, on Wednesday (March the 6th), first of five production halts the No.

2 automaker had planned last December amid declining demand and a tempestuous trade war between US and China. A General Motor Co. spokesman said on Monday (March 4th) that the US carmaker tycoon headquartered in Detroit, had been ahead of production schedule and they might finish up their target Cruze production by Wednesday (March 6th), although the plant initially was scheduled to be shuttered down by Friday (March 8th).

Earlier on November, 2018, GM announcement of slashing up to 15,000 jobs and ending productions at five manufacturing hubs in North America including one in Canada, simply had stoned the investors, lawmakers and analysts.

Despite a flurry of fierce criticisms and long discussions with US lawmakers in Capitol Hill, who had tried to persuade the company not to halt production in their US manufacturing plants, the US carmaker had decided to shut down four of their US manufacturing plants by March on last December.

However, last week, the carmaker had said that their Detroit plant would remain operational till January, 2020.