Romanian Opposition seeks Huawei ban in telecom infrastructure

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Romanian Opposition seeks Huawei ban in telecom infrastructure

On Tuesday, the 5th of March 2019, an IT expert of Romania’s biggest opposition party had said that they would be triggering a public prob on Huawei Technologies’ contribution over the nation’s critical infrastructure and they would be seeking to prevent its access on country’s 5G network development system.

In the face of growing concerns related to national security issue, some Western countries, alongside Australia, New Zealand and the US had already barred Huawei from developing their next-gen mobile networks. Apart from that, the White House appeared to be over-concerned about an exponential expansion of World’s biggest telecom equipment maker into the 5G networking industry, while their US-born 5G technology seemed to be at least a year away, as Intel had said last week that their 5G modem chips would not be available until 2020.

Besides, Washington happened to become extremely cautious over the telecom makers' gear-up into their NATO allies in central Europe, including Poland and Hungary. Romania had also become especially important after 2016, when the US had activated an $800 million missile shield site, annoying the Russians.

None the less, Romanian Biggest opposition, the National Liberal Party’s parliamentary representative of IT committee, Pavel Popescu said, “We need to protect our strategic interests and there’s a lot of suspicion lingering around. It’s crucially urgent to block any public deals, contracts, tenders with the Chinese company”.