Ghosn leaves Japan jail after a $9 million bail

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Ghosn leaves Japan jail after a $9 million bail

Former Nissan boss and Nissan-Renault-Mitsubishi alliance head Carlos Ghosn had finally walked out of a Tokyo prison on Wednesday (March 6th) morning, after securing a $9 million bail on Tuesday (March 5th). While leaving prison, Ghosn was wearing a workman’s uniform and a blue cap, besides his face was hidden by surgical-type masks and thick glasses, an entire discordance to his usual tailored suits.

Carlos Ghosn was among the world’s most prominent auto industry figures for the last two decades and dramatically rescued Nissan close to a bankruptcy situation nearly two decades ago by creating a merger with French Renault, which had made him a celebrity in the auto industry in Japan.

However, he was barely recognizable while leaving a Tokyo detention center after 100 days of detention in a small cell without any heating. On Tuesday (March 5th), after a Tokyo court had rejected an appeal from prosecutors to detain Ghosn further, the auto industry tycoon paid that 1 billion yens bail and was released earlier on Wednesday (March 6th).

Ousted Nissan boss Ghosn, also the former Chair of Renault and Mitsubishi, had agreed to the bail conditions and assured that he would be remaining in Tokyo. Later he surrendered his passport to his lawyer and was submitted to extensive surveillance.

Following the Tokyo Court ruling that bailed Ghosn after 100 days of detention on accusations of financial misconduct, which he repeatedly called as “meritless”, Ghosn issued a written statement later on Tuesday (March 5th) saying, “I am innocent and totally committed to vigorously defending myself in a fair trial against these meritless and unsubstantiated accusations”.

The French finance minister welcomed Ghosn’s release on Wednesday (March 6th), saying that the high-profile executive would now be able to defend himself “with greater ease”.