Daimler, BMW alliance seeks to define self-driving rules

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Daimler, BMW alliance seeks to define self-driving rules

On Wednesday, the 6th of March, a senior executive of Daimler, BMW autonomous alliance said that the German BMW and Daimler would be partnering up to set an industry standard, which could set the trends for future policies and regulations of the self-driving cars, apart from developing low-cost autonomous driving technology.

Citing a chicken and egg situation currently ebbing out advancements of autonomous driving technology, a BMW board member responsible for autonomous vehicle development, Klaus Froehlich said, “It is a chicken and egg situation.

Somebody has to standardize the technology and regulation will follow”. At a press conference in Geneva, executives from Daimler and BMW had explained earlier that the growing development costs of autonomous vehicle technology had forced the carmakers to team up and share financial, alongside technological resources.

Since a fully developed autonomous vehicle would not have any driver, the manufacturers may face potential liability in any kind of risks arising from the accidents, and the issue had been pressing the industry leaders to set a technological standard so that legal regulators could draw the lines between an accident and a potential software glitch.

Explaining collaborations between the two German automakers, Froehlich added, “It is to push technology forward and to set standards already in generation two vehicles, and not just in generation four. We do not want to waste resources”.