Marriott CEO expresses regrets on data breach, unsure if China responsible

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Marriott CEO expresses regrets on data breach, unsure if China responsible

On Thursday, the 7th of March 2019, the Chief Executive of Marriott International Inc., Arne Sorenson had made an official apology before a US senate panel for a havoc-scale data breach, which involved an unauthorized access of personal information of up to 383 million guests in its Starwood hotel reservation system, including personal address, passport numbers and credit card information.

Never the less, the Marriott CEO had also pledged to prevail future attacks. On Thursday’s apology before a Senate Parliament Subcommittee, Sorenson had been quoted saying about the investigations that the hacking was occurred over a period of four years, yet they did not know whether the Chinese hackers or Beijing were behind the unauthorized access, however Sorenson added that the Marriott International Inc.

had been fully cooperating with the FBI, currenting investigating the hack to determine who were responsible. While being asked whether China was behind the attack, Sorenson said, “The short answer is we don’t know.

We’ve simply been focused on making sure the door is closed. ” In December, a Reuters’ report had revealed that the hackers had left clues after obtaining critical customer data from Starwood’s reservation system, suggesting that they were working for a Chinese Government intel gathering information, citing sources familiar with the subject ,matter.