FAA warns of safety risk due to Southwest-Mechanics Union clash

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FAA warns of safety risk due to Southwest-Mechanics Union clash

A Wall Street Journal report revealed on Friday, the 8th of March 2019, that FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) had cautioned Southwest Airlines Co., the world’s largest low-cost carrier, headquartered in Dallas, alongside its mechanics' union that their ongoing dispute had been threatening the budget airline’s safety practices.

Nevertheless, the latest round of dispute between Southwest Airlines and Aircraft Mechanics Fraternal Association had hit a dead end and the airlines had botched to resolve an escalating battle with its mechanics union over a contract negotiation issue.

Last week, the Dallas based low-cost carrier had filed a lawsuit against its mechanics union, accusing them of running an underground illegal campaign for disrupting operations in order to gain leverage over their prolonged talks on renewing contracts.

According to the Wall Street Journal report revealed on Friday (March the 8th), a top security official of Federal Aviation Administration, Ali Bahrami had issued a letter to the airlines saying that the ongoing clash between the carrier and its union had raised potential concerns of effectiveness of the airline’s safety management system.

Nonetheless, the mechanics union had been representing 2,400 mechanics of the Southwest airlines since 2012. However, Southwest, its mechanics union and FAA, all declined to comment on the issue.