Nvidia offers bid for Israeli Chip firm Mellanox

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Nvidia offers bid for Israeli Chip firm Mellanox

Nvidia Corp., the Santa Clara-based US tech company, had been exploring an option to purchase the Israeli chip designer Mellanox, although the figure of proposed buyout bid had not yet been revealed, a Calcalist Financial New Website posted on Sunday, the 10th of March 2019.

According to Sunday’s (March 10th) Calcalist post, the chipmakers had been competing against the Intel Corp., another US chipmaker and Nvidia rival, which had already submitted an offer of $6 billion for purchasing the Israeli company.

Nevertheless, the website post had also revealed that the Nvidia bid would amount to at least 10 percent higher than the figure offered by Intel Corp. Apart from that, the Calcalist report also mentioned that Nvidia had better chance to win this rattling battle of acquiring the Israeli chip designer, alongside to obtain Chinese and US regulatory approval, as Intel as well as Mellanox had been controlling the market for InfinitiBand technology, a networking communication standard used in the supercomputers.

In fact, Mellanox used to make hardware equipment and chips for data centers powering cloud computing. While being asked for comments regarding Intel and Nvidia acquisition bids, the Israeli chip designer had been quoted saying that they did not comment or rumors or market speculations.

Nvidia was not available for comments, while Intel declined to respond immediately while being asked about the potential acquisition bids.