Renault, Nissan & Mitsubishi eyeing integration

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Renault, Nissan & Mitsubishi eyeing integration

Nissan Motor Co., Renault SA and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. had been concocting a plan to set off a joint board meeting in order to discuss critical issues related to their alliance’s fate in post-Ghosn era, while the carmakers could have been eyeing towards a potential integration of operations, a TV Tokyo report revealed on Sunday, the 10th of March, 2019.

Addressing multiple sources with direct knowledge regarding the matter, the Japanese broadcaster had reported that the Chief Executives of all three automakers, Nissan CEO Hiroto Saikawa, Mitsubishi Chair Osamu Masuko and Renault Chairman Jean-Dominique Senard had been preparing to announce the plan of a joint meeting soon.

According to TV Tokyo report, if the plan gets approved at Nissan’s board meeting scheduled to be held on Tuesday (March 12th), top executives of the three carmaker tycoons would unleash their plans for joint meeting.

Renault-Nissan alliance was first set up during 1999 and Mitsubishi Motors Corp. had been added to the alliance in 2016, and, Carlos Ghosn who had served a Chair for all three companies and the alliance boss, had been thrusting for a much deeper tie-up between Renault and Nissan, including a possible merger, before his arrest and dismissal on November last year on accusations of alleged financial misconducts.

Since a French Citizen Ghosn’s whacking battle with Japanese Nissan across the world had already jeopardized future of the alliance, analysts were quoted saying that an entire merger would likely to be a distant dream despite French government’ effort.