EU suspends Boeing 737 Max flights after Ethiopia air crash

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EU suspends Boeing 737 Max flights after Ethiopia air crash

On Tuesday, the 12th of March 2019, EU’s aviation safety regulators suspended all flights of Boeing 737 Max within the bloc, after a Boeing 737 Max's crash in Ethiopia had killed 157 people on last Sunday (March 10th), remarking Boeing Co.’s biggest setback ever.

The move came forward later on Tuesday (March 12th) as an approach to put pressure on United States to follow legal suits, after Germany, France and UK had joined a groundswell of suspicions over the aircraft’s operation in the face of Sunday’s crash, that closely resembled to another Boeing 737 Max 8 crash off shore Indonesia on last October that killed 189 passengers on-board.

Following the suspension of EU’s aviation safety regulators, the world’s biggest plane maker, which had wiped factually billions of market capital in the wake of recent catastrophe, had been quoted saying that they understood the actions of EU countries alongside China, but retained complete confidence over 737 Max 8’s safety issues.

The plane maker had also added that the US Federal Aviation Authority had not yet demanded any further inquiry related to 737 Max’s operation. Although the cause of these two slaughtering aircraft crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia remained unknown, Boeing said that they were going to update their low-cost aircraft software in the coming weeks and no links had yet been revealed between these two crashes.