Germany avows independence over US warning on Huawei allowance

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Germany avows independence over US warning on Huawei allowance

On Tuesday, the 12th of March 2019, German Chancellor, Angela Merkel said that Germany would be defining their own security standards for developing a new 5G mobile network, after Washington had told that they would have to revise their data sharing policy with Berlin, if Huawei was allowed to participate in Germany’s 5G network development.

Besides, Merkel seemed to be a Huawei sympathizer, as during her last visit on Tokyo last month, she had been quoted saying that the German legislation had no mandate to rule out Huawei’s participation from developing a 5G network, although the world’s biggest network equipment provider would have to pass through Frankfurt’s own security standard.

The latest pushback had not been the first time Washington and Berlin had to grapple with their wolfing differences, in which US envoy to Germany, Richard Grenell, had met with sheer criticism for his dealing of US-German disagreement on several trade issues including a latest Russia-led Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline and 2015 Iran nuclear deal.

Last week, Grenell sent a letter to German Economy Minister, Peter Almaier saying that Huawei security concerns could compromise US intel sharing with Berlin. However, as a response, Merkel said to the reporters, “Security, particularly when it comes to the expansion of the 5G network, but also elsewhere in the digital area, is a very important concern for the German government, so we are defining our standards for ourselves”.

The German Chancellor also added that Berlin would be keeping their own counsel.