Honda to recall 1.2 mn vehicles in North America on Takata airbag issue

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Honda to recall 1.2 mn vehicles in North America on Takata airbag issue

On Tuesday, the 12th of March 2019, the Honda Motor Co., Japanese public multinational conglomerate, said that they would be recalling 1.2 million Acura and Honda vehicles in North America to replace defective Takata airbags on driver’s side.

In a statement, the Tokyo-based carmaker said on Tuesday (March 12th) that they became aware of one injury linked to the potential glitch on Takata airbags, and the defective airbags on 1.2 million vehicles over North America could rupture when deployed in a crash instead protecting driver’s side.

Worldwide, there had been 23 deaths in total linked to Takata airbags and 21 among them had occurred in Honda vehicles. Citing that the recall would cover 1.1 million US vehicles, US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said, “The recall is to replace inflators received either as a permanent Takata airbag inflator recall replacement or as a service part installed following a crash or problem with the airbag itself”.

Besides, the Japanese conglomerate said that another 1,00,000 vehicles were being recalled in Mexico, Canada, and Central America. The decision of a havoc-scale recall came forth, as Honda had been receiving more and more reports of injuries worldwide related to their Takata inflators, which could have exploded when deployed in a heavier crash, spraying metal shrapnel inside trucks and cars.

Concomitantly, media reports revealed that at least 19 automakers across the globe were recalling over 100 million faulty Takata inflators.