US working on steel, aluminum tariff relief for Canada, Mexico: Lighthizer

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US working on steel, aluminum tariff relief for Canada, Mexico: Lighthizer

Later on, Tuesday, the 12th of March 2019, the US Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer said that the United States had been exploring potential options for lifting tariffs over Canadian and Mexican steel, alongside aluminum.

Nevertheless, the US Trade Representative had also commented that the United States’ proposed plan would be preserving the gains, which domestic producers had been receiving from the duties so far. Addressing to a decipherable solution of a factual problem, over a hearing about World Trade Organization at the US Senate Financial Committee, Robert Lighthizer said, “What I’m trying to do is a have a practical solution to a real problem ...

get rid of tariffs on these two, let them maintain their historic access to the U.S. market which I think will allow us to still maintain the benefit of the steel and aluminum program”. Nearly a year earlier, the Trump Administration had inclined the “Section 232” tariffs on Canadian and Mexican steel, alongside aluminum to protect domestic producers over a national security ground.

Since the implementation of “Section 232”, a number of US lawmakers had repeatedly argued that the new US-Mexico-Canada agreement would not win approval in US Congress unless metal tariffs and retaliatory duties from Mexico and Canada could be put aside.

A pro-trade Democrat from Wisconsin, Representative Ron Kind said, “Some of us impressed the need to resolve 232 before we have a chance to move forward on consideration of USMCA”.