UK Parliament delays Brexit, European shares rise, Wall St. flat

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UK Parliament delays Brexit, European shares rise, Wall St. flat

On Thursday, the 14th of March 2019, a basket of global equity markets treaded water, ahead of an upcoming vote on UK parliament, as yesterday’s intense volatility following another Brexit vote which resulted in an aversion of a no-deal Brexit, had kept most of the investors at bay amid a fear of similar incidence.

None the less, the last of three Brexit votes on March 14th had also proffered a breathing space for both UK PM Theresa May and Britain, as the UK lawmakers had voted in favor of a Brexit deadline extension and the second referendum was ruled out, as the opposition labor party rejected to support the much-debated second Brexit referendum.

Throughout the day, volume of trades had been thin in the fear of an intense volatility following another Brexit vote, as Brexit had been dictating both stock and currency markets for past three days. On Thursday (March 14th), the US dollar index gained for the first time in a week after posting its biggest intra-day fall against Great Britain Pound yesterday in one and a half years and falling for four straight sessions in a row.

The British Currency fell by 0.6 percent to $1.3440 while this report was being prepared and Wall Street remained almost flatlined, as Dow rose 0.03 percent and S&P shed 0.09 percent, while Nasdaq curbed 0.16 percent of earlier gains.

Over Europe, London posted a gain of 0.37 percent, while France closed the day 0.82 percent up and Germany’s DAX gained 0.13 percent.