Spotify files EU anti-trust complaint against Apple

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Spotify files EU anti-trust complaint against Apple

Spotify, the Swedish audio streaming platform, headquarter in Luxemburg, had filed a complaint against Apple Inc. with EU antitrust regulators, accusing the iPhone makers of unfairly limiting exposures of rival streaming services over their own Apple Music streaming service.

On Wednesday, the 13th of March 2019, the Swedish Audio streaming giant told that the US-based Apple Inc. had been depriving their consumers of choice and rival’s audio streaming services by reducing exposure to benefit the Apple Music’s own streaming platform, which had launched in 2015.

Never the less, Spotify had filed the complaint on Monday (March 11th), central of which had been a 30 percent fee Apple usually charged for purchase from other content-based service provider. Accusing Apple Inc. of practicing unfair business conducts, Spotify’s General Counsel had been quoted saying that the company was pressurized to use Apple’s billing system in 2014 and later, the US-based iPhone maker had also forced Spotify to raise the monthly fee of their premium services to 12.99 euro from previous 9.99 euro, while Apple launched their service at a price of 9.99 euros.

Spotify, the audio streaming giant, with over 65 million paid subscribers, launched a year ago, after iPhone had taken initiative to launch a streaming service over their iTunes.