Ford to slash US salaried job, doesn’t say how many

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Ford to slash US salaried job, doesn’t say how many

On Wednesday, the 13th of March 2019, Ford Motor Co., the US luxury car maker headquartered in Michigan, said that they would be cutting a number of US salaried jobs as part of their global revamp, as they had announced last year.

Never the less, the carmaker did not mention how many salaried jobs they intended to slash. A spokesman for the 2nd largest US automaker, Deep had been quoted saying that the company was expected to complete the process by the end of second quarter, however, he declined to say how many jobs the automaker was going to cut.

The spokesman also added that the recent reform had resulted in some kind of separations for the salaried employers, alongside reassignment of others. Citing a Ford official work-out on recognizing their globally salaried workforce, the automaker said last year, “The reform would result in headcount reduction over time, and this will vary based on team and location”.

Last month, Ford had told that they would be shuttering down their oldest factory in Brazil, alongside they also added that they would be slowing down their heavy commercial truck business in South America, an approach would also cost over 2,700 jobs.