US regulators want public view on autonomous vehicles

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US regulators want public view on autonomous vehicles

On Friday, the 15th of March 2019, an official of US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration told that the US regulators would be asking the public whether robotic cars could be allowed on the streets, without steering wheels or brake pedals, as the US policymaker had been throttling to stage the first legal boundaries for autonomous vehicles in the world’s second largest auto market.

Apart from that, the NHTSA (US National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) had also delayed a GM Co.’s request of deploying a limited number of vehicles over the US roads without any kind of steering wheels or human controls for 15 months.

The recent decision of NHTSA came forward, as there had been growing concerns among public about the safety of automated piloting system. Concomitantly, an execrable 2018 accident involving an Uber vehicle which killed a woman and two deadly plane crashes of Boeing’s 737 Max series, which had also been highly automated, had reverted back spotlights again on the safety concerns of automated vehicles, triggering questions whether recent developments of machine intelligence could have yet been prepared to beat human judgement.

Besides, the NHTSA had also been seeking public comments on a separate petition by driverless startup Nuro to deploy a limited number of highly automated vehicles.