Google to face third EU anti-trust fine next week

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Google to face third EU anti-trust fine next week

Alphabet Inc.’s Google is likely to be hit with a third EU antitrust fine next week, mostly over accusations of allegedly including preferences in a google bot tweak, toolkits used for search engine ranking and paid advertising pop-ups, related to its AdSense advertising service, a source familiar with the subject matter revealed on Friday, the 15th of March 2019.

Besides, another spokesman with knowledge regarding the issue had been quoted saying that the punishments were expected to be much smaller than previous fines. Origin of this latest antitrust fine related to AdSense advertising service went back to 2016, when the EU Commission had opened a third case against the largest internet service provider across the world, accusing Google of preventing third parties to display advertisements from Google’s competitors using their AdSense program.

According to the EU Commission, during the time of incident, Google had been holding over 80 percent of European market, and the search engine giant had also been practicing its anti-competitive business conducts for decades.

As a response to the lawsuit, Google altered its terms and conditions in recent past, allowing more freedom to the large third parties to display competing ads, while smaller parties still remain dried out.