Airlines fear long-term grounding of Boeing 737 Max after Ethiopia horror

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Airlines fear long-term grounding of Boeing 737 Max after Ethiopia horror

An ongoing investigation over a catastrophic crash of a Nairobi-bound Boeing 737 Max 8 on Ethiopia just minutes after take-off had shown a terrible financial impact over the airlines including a havoc-scale fall of Boeing Co.’s share price that whacked nearly $25 billion, as multiple companies using Boeing aircrafts and analysts had said on Friday that they were expecting a long-term grounding of Boeing 737 Max 8 and it would eventually get much more throbbing for the industry.

Last weekend, a Being 737 Max 8 of Ethiopian airlines had crashed minutes after take-off from Addis Ababa, killing 157 passengers, among which 19 were UN officials and the crash closely resembled to another 737 Max 8 crash offshore of Indonesia last October.

Apart from that, the Ethiopian airlines said that in both cases, the aircraft pilots were asking for immediate landing minutes after take-off. On Friday (March 15th), French investigators had examined the black boxes of the aircraft carrier that came down over a firm closer to Addis Ababa, as the global airlines industry had still remained horrified over two similar incidents taking 344 souls.

Following the shocking aircraft crash of Ethiopia, regulators across the world had grounded all 737 Max aircrafts and the largest plane maker of the world, US-based Boeing Co., had paused deliveries of thousands of orders momentarily.