Chinese delegates to revive Argentina nuclear plant agreement

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Chinese delegates to revive Argentina nuclear plant agreement

On Friday, the 15th of March, a spokesman from the Argentine Government had said in terms of anonymity that a Chinese delegation would be visiting Argentina later this month for discussing the terms of constructing a nuclear power plant, a landmark move, which could evolve as a potential breakthrough between the two countries, expanding Beijing’s influence over the other sides of the world and possibly into other South American nations.

The spokesman of Argentine government had been quoted saying on Friday (March 15th), on conditions of remaining unidentified, as he had not been authorized to talk over the issue, that, a technical team from China would be meeting local suppliers to discuss about a delay over the nuclear project, worth of $8,000 million.

Another source from Argentine government from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs had said that there had been an ongoing dialogue with China over the Nuclear plant, yet no solid progress had not yet been confirmed, as the two countries could not reach an agreement despite several talks.

If the project was signed, it would be one of the largest China-funded projects in Argentina, and China would be able to scale-up its fortification over the conventionally leftist South American nations, amid an ongoing trade war with United States, which seemed to be turning out to be a long-standing tit-for-tat tariff war.