Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank to go public on merger talks

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Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank to go public on merger talks

On Sunday, the 17th of March 2019, the Commerzbank and Deutsche Bank had confirmed that they had been in a potential merger deal, provoking further concerns on labor unions over possible jobs losses following the integration.

Apart from that, analysts had also started to question whether a combination of these two long-term arch-rivals could become profitable. Followed by separate internal board meetings of their management board, both Commerzbank and Deutsche bank had issued a short statement confirming the merger talks, while a spokesman with direct knowledge regarding the subject matter had indicated a quickening of the merger process, although statements of Germany’s two largest lenders had warned that a merger deal had been far from certain.

In its statement, the Deutsche Bank said, “In light of arising opportunities, the management board of Deutsche Bank has decided to review strategic options,” while Deutsche Bank’s Chief Executive, Christian Sewing said, “Deutsche still aimed to remain a global bank with a strong capital markets business...

with a global network”. None the less, the Deutsche Bank Chief had also added that many factors could still prevent a merger deal, while a Deutsche spokesman said earlier that the merger talks had been expected to last for some time.