JPMorgan to test neuroscience-based video game to recruit interns

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JPMorgan to test neuroscience-based video game to recruit interns

JPMorgan Chase and Co. had been testing neuroscience-based video games for recruiting new interns, as the largest US lender had been seeking to enhance the divergence of its workforce by widening the candidate pool. On Monday, the 18th of March 2019, JPMorgan’s head of campus recruiting, Matt Mitro said in an interview that the bank is utilizing technology from Pymetrics, a start-up game maker whose games had been aiding companies to assess applicants’ cognitive, behavioral and social features such as memory, altruism, and attention.

In order to identify the potential candidates, who could better suit for the jobs, the Plyometrics’ platform compares applicant’s attributes against a pool of successful employers. The process assists companies to make their assessment much easier, data-based and cognitive intelligence-oriented, free from psychological biases of traditional interviews.

Mitro added in the interview that the employment history had always been a good indicator of an experienced worker, but when it came to recent college graduates, their resumes would have less predictive value on long-run.

Adding JPMorgan would continue their Plyometrics platform-based trial for assessing new interns for 2020, Mitro said, “Our re-imagining of how we hire is part of a broader objective at the firm where we are asking ourselves: ‘Can we better meet our diversity goals by broadening the pool of candidates we are considering?”